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Most of us are familiar with Gossip Girl, a TV series about the fabulous and scandalous lives of New York’s Upper East Side. We love the show because it’s sexy, dramatic, fashionable and something we can relate to when it gets down to relationships, friendship and family drama. So what does Gossip Girl have to do with GENinc? Directly-nothing. But regarding women and technology-everything. The entire show and books, for that matter, revolve around a website – Gossip Girl. Basically, whether you read the book or watch the show, something will happen or is suspected of happening between people, friends, couples, families and jobs of New York’s elite, and it will be posted on the website for everyone to see. This is where events are posted and where private events become public. Gossip girl is accessible by website, obviously, or every time a juicy new post is up, it alerts everyone on their cell phone where they can directly read it.

The importance of one of the thousands aspects of technology is evident here – a website. Through Gossip Girl we see how influential posts and blogs are. Getting back to the show, regular people will buy what the rich kids on the site are buying, will act how they’re acting on the site and will look up to the same few always mentioned on the site. Whether good or bad, Gossip Girl is a role model where the viewers go to find out what’s in, what’s out, what’s new and so on. And of course if something’s in they’ll buy or do it, just like if something’s out it’s garbage. It’s where characters like Jenny Humphrey, a lower class freshman, will start stealing and developing an attitude just to be like those girls always mentioned on Gossip Girl and get with the boys mentioned on the site.

We at home watch this for similar reasons the characters obsess with the site. It’s influential. The actors are always wearing the latest fashion-showing us what’s in. And the relationships guide us with our real life ones. If Dan and Serena broke up and Serena accepts it but still finds herself hurting, and in real life a similar situation occurs we find ourselves relating and feeling normal. Or how bitchy and jealous the girls are at school, we watch the show and always relate to one of the characters and see how the character develops. And we may or may not realise it but in some way or another we act in our real lives somewhat based on the lives of the TV characters we relate to.

All this just to say, here is one way how something as simple as an internet site can have the influence it does, on the girls and boys shown in Gossip Girl as well as the viewers and readers.



Note from GEN: CK is our new feature writer and a long-time friend. She’s passionate about fashion and has recently discovered a passion for technology. Let’s face it. Anyone can shop online.





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