TK(girls)P is a success!

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TKP or Teaching Kids Programming or TK(girls)P just held an/the event today at Microsoft’s Chevy Chase offices in Washington D.C.!

It was an absolute success!

19 girls in the morning session and 36 in the afternoon session – outstanding numbers for a class that usually is limited to 20 girls.

The girls (and a couple boys) were outstanding. Not only did they follow the Small Basic recipes but they would go ahead and test them in ways that I hadn’t even tried! Some girls went into decimals, for example 0.002, and came up with completely different images.

It was really exciting to see girls who were definetly encouraged by their parents to come, connect with new girls and bond over programming. Nevermind shopping and movies – altering code and seeing the results excited them so much they couldn’t stop chatting!!

My two favorite questions from the event are:

1) Can we do this over a week? (3 hour session turned into 5 days!)

2) How can I be an instructor? I’ll do anything. My mom will drive me anywhere!

My two next goals:

1) Broadcast this event as far as possible and show everyone what can happen between 56 girls, a 17-year-old, and Microsoft’s Small Basic.

2) Hold events in Montreal, NYC, Pensylvania, and L.A.

If you have a school or location that you would like an event to be held at  – message me at

The photos from the event are available on GenINC’s facebook page!

And the footage will be pieced together soon!


Logging Out.


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