Success by Design: Apple’s “Secret”

June 24, 2010 at 2:43 pm Leave a comment

Success by Design: Secret to Apple’s $200+ billion price tag – REVEALED.

(now $242.6 billion as the iPhone 4 was just released today)

I’m a huge fan of the FAST COMPANY magazines and after my first trip to vegas for CES I started a subscription. This month was an article about “Apple Nation” since on May 26 at 2:30 pm Apple became the largest technology company in the universe. Other than the fun fact that in 1997 Microsoft invested 150$ million in Apple to keep them from an almost certain demise, I have figured out the true secret to Apple’s success… EVEN THEIR BAGS ARE SOFT! How can you avoid logic like that?

Women predominantly control the finances in North American households and my personal tastes usually influence me to buy what’s light – bright – and white! Apple products are smooth, clean, and organized.  However, i will go into better detail about the “Apple Nation” including ‘heretics’ like Jason Chen from Gizmodo who stole the iPhone 4 thunder with the lost prototype and ‘big name Apple loyalists’  like Ellen, Jolie, and Ferrell in a later blog so check back in for that Friday!

Due to a lot of questions, I would like to remind everyone that Microsoft still runs on nearly 90% of computers. They have not mastered where all cpus/devices are going: mobility. The Windows phone is coming out later this year but  in a Fortune 500 interview with Steve Ballmer, the head of Microsoft made it clear that they were focusing on cpu advances as opposed to any mobile innovations.

Some may argue that that isn’t the brightest plan considering that everything’s turning mobile.

For example, MacBook => iPad.

Rather a clear indication of what consumers expect for the future. A “desk-less” cpu!


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Alice in iPad? S2B delegate in the house eh?

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