My first experience with Bad Company

May 12, 2010 at 2:33 am Leave a comment

Ever seen Bad Company with Eric from That 70’s Show?

Definitely not what i’m talking about 😉

An original PS3 game by Ubisoft – I had my first introduction to the mind-blowing game. The graphics were unbelievable, the movements were smooth/realistic, and the dialogue (not always present but entertaining when interjected) is rather wicked – giving real character to the… well, characters. It’s a first-person shooter game meaning you are playing from the eyes of a character named Marlo. You’re part of a military group called Bad Company, usually considered the expendable ones because many are criminals. You are set on a series of different missions, and all the while you’re Sergeant frequently mentions his fishing trip which adds a cute touch to the rough exterior of the man. From what my friend tells me, Bad Company introduced grenades that can blow up full walls when you think there’s an enemy behind it. (Sometimes we do it just for fun!) Furthermore, the second version is rumoured to, along with new cars/weapons/missions/territory, permit grenades to demolish whole buildings.

Since I’ve been a little out of touch with PS3 and a total-Diablo fanatic my real first encounter with this sort of game was pretty exciting. You get caught up in the realistic images. It was sick when you board your truck and can choose from different radio stations. Apart from just riding down the road to your next destination hearing the wheels on gravel, you’ll actually fall into the rhythm of some pretty classic tunes.

I smiled when I realized I’d gone an hour totally lost in this new world. I’m used to it with computers when you’re so close to the screen and there are several keys and mouse moves to actually sustain your character. The PS3 controller turned out to be just as easy to blend into. It took me about a half hour to really get the feel for all the different methods from healing to shooting to changing guns to loading up to boarding trucks to not-trying-to-get-shot-by-several-people-attacking-me-at-the-same-time… All in all, I had as good a time shopping at Forever 21 as I did in my friend’s living room, living out the life of a true soldier.

It made me think that my brother who recently entered the forces and is on his first 15 week-intensive, is definitely getting the best workout of his life!

I know you’ll love it. Message me if you have or when you have checked it out. I’d love to know your opinion!




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