Suzy Amis Cameron

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In life you can only hope to meet people like Suzy Amis Cameron and Rebecca Amis. First let me tell you three very interesting things about Suzy.

1) Former Ford model and actress.

2) The wife of James Cameron, the infamous filmmaker of Avatar and the Titanic.

Although, like the French say “J’amais deux sans trois!”

3) Suzy is also the co-founder of Muse, a progressive primary school (K-5) that incorporates educational technology into their classrooms to encourage at the youngest age possible – discovering your passion without parental and societal guidelines.

Oh and did I mention on top of everything she is a mother to 5 kids?! 

Then there is her sister Rebecca, an educator who is equally beautfiul and intelligent as Suzy. She is the other half of the founding of MUSE Elementary.

In a later interview we noted that around the ages of 12-14, girls question their passion for science and maths because society and parents (unintentionally) impose their stereotypes and beliefs. Removing them from the equation means the ultimate essence of gender equality. MUSE Elelmentary does exactly that and at an age when young minds can be even further developed to continue to be passionate about math and sciences.  Suzy got the idea by wathcing her two older children go through the trials and errors of different educational systems. Listen to the video for her explanation of how that shook her into action.

Koodos to Suzy Amis Cameron and Rebecca Amis – sisters that have taken a huge step forward to ensuring girls (and boys) will be better prepared to engage in an industry that will desparately need more resources in the coming years!  Look in the near future for an episode of Gen INC at MUSE Elementary and learn what makes this concept work and see these children in action.

These unbelievably beautiful and inspiring role models can aslo be seen on our new FB site GENINC where you’ll also see them in my interview with James Cameron.


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