Technology is a girl’s best friend

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Technology is a girl’s best friend

It’s safe to say that there has been a perfectly sexist view of technology as a “boy’s world”.

Don’t you just love when stereotypes are proven wrong?

In retrospect, jewellery was once what defined a female’s social and marital status, as well as wealth, culture, and “femininity”. As the daughter of a woman who has pretty much worn one item of jewellery her whole life (a necklace with a pendant of mother Mary that is passed down through the females in our Dutch family), I am tuned into what other women wear and how they express themselves through their best friend.

My generation has a new form of self-expression and that is through technology, specifically social networking profiles. Something that has come to my attention recently that would be on everyone’s radar is the rings worn on the 4th finger of the left hand, the wedding finger, when there has been no proposal. We have somehow lost sight of what certain items and their location implies, most importantly, that of the engagement or wedding ring. Instead, we have grabbed hold of new indicators, such as the information portion of our social networking profiles.

Social networks have given everyone a new platform to express their individuality. The article posted below identifies that specifically girls, have claimed this platform. What worries many is that this outlet is a prime cause in the hyper-sexuality of my generation. However, it’s also encouraged for giving girls the opportunity to try out different identities and find themselves. Additionally, they can break out of the stereotypes laid out by mainstream media. To be reasonable and just we must argue both points.

Read “Social Networking: the Organics and the Industrialized”


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