Privacy Concerns

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(Ref. Home Alone)

Hey it’s Gen!

My excitement hasn’t tapered off and my second blog concerns privacy on social media networks using Facebook’s layout.

A major worry for adults about the internet and us is the easy accessibility strangers have to our information. For instance, any individual with an internet connection can make wide searches on Facebook and you may be caught in that net. From there, they can open up your profile and view any information that hasn’t been blocked off. If you weren’t aware of these precautions here are the steps to ensure that your cyber-self is as protected as Kevin McAllister: home alone with a series of booby traps.

1)    Log onto your facebook.

2)    Select “Settings” in the upper, right-hand region.

3)    Select “Privacy”, the second to last option.

4)    The following categories all concern different security measures you can increase.

For example, I choose “Profile Information” first. The right hand column gives me options for who I’d like to have access to each separate piece of my information. I may feel that “Everyone” can see what high school I attended but “Only Friends” can see my email address. The maximum security would be “Only Friends” for every option but you do have the choice of everyone, friends and networks, friends of friends, only friends, and custom.

For Tweeter and the Live Messenger Profiles there are also Privacy options, if you have any difficulties or questions, contact me.


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Facers CES ’10 – The IT place to be ;)

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