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“Kicking the Facebook habit”

(Ref. CNN’s video on girls in the social media kicking the ‘facebook habit’ & Alice in Wonderland)

Hey this is Gen!  I’m excited to share with you my first blog! It concerns an issue I have tremendous amounts of firsthand experience in: Facebook addiction. Now, news reporters have a better term to replace addiction: habit. I would like to say that I have a habit of going to Jugo Juice several times in the matter of one week; however my friends have informed me that the word does not even come close to identifying my obsession with all-fruit beverages. Therefore, I’d like to think that spending hours on Facebook because it’s so tempting and simple to lose yourself, is an addiction – one that we don’t have group meetings for. Not yet, at least.  So as I expect other meetings to begin, I’m going to start this intervention by relating to you the typical adventures of a Facer.

P.S. I’ve just coined the term “facer” for an individual addicted to Facebook 😉

I’ve powered up my computer, signed onto msn, and have just logged into my Facebook account for a quick look at any notifications and invites.  A couple friends have commented on my new profile picture and my wall so I quickly write them back an amusing, witty response in the desire that I’ll just as quickly start my homework and narrow my attention. HOWEVER  updates on my close friends’ walls are too tempting for a quick scan-through. The word quick is sort of like Alice’s quick fall down the rabbit hole. The adventure takes you through albums, walls, videos, groups, and sometimes the only roadblock is a profile you’re not permitted to see. Eventually, what was once a blue sky and bright yellow sun outside your window has turned to a pitch black sheet and the clock is staring back at you and after staring at a computer this long, you get the impression it’s laughing at you and your backpack full of books.

If you don’t have a sister to wake you up by the bank, what else is there?

Be honest with yourself if you’ve wound up in this situation before. To find a happy medium between the social media, and your social and academic life, here are a couple of strategies:

A)   Team with a friend or two and chose one day out of the week or month that you are permitted to roam facebook. If someone cheats, as a group you can choose a consequence you seem fair like approving a picture of someone you aren’t very close with.

B)    Have a friend or family member change your password. Together, agree upon a common date and time that they will log you on and at what point you must log off.

Hopefully, these strategies are only an introduction and inspiration to you developing even better self-control measures in your social and academic life.

If you have any ideas, contact me so we can share them with other Facers J


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